Welcome to Pure Dynamic Osteopathy, based in Crouch End, North London. We treat patients using Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Pregnancy massage and Western Acupuncture.

Nick Compton, England Cricketer

As a professional sportsman, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some top physio’s over the years.  However I had persistent groin problems which never improved. Richard gave me a more holistic yet complete view of my injury in context with the workings of the body. His attitude and professional approach has been refreshing. I’ve come to understand through Richard that no injury is isolated but instead it must be viewed in context of the whole body. I now feel like things are finally moving in the right direction

Yiolanda Koppel, 
TV Presenter

I first went to see Richard because I had an ache in my left shoulder blade which never seemed to go away. I had also been through quite a bit of stress, and my back felt tight in lots of different areas. After my first session, I already felt a lot looser, more open and the ache in my shoulder blade had gone completely. I found the overall treatment to be a very pleasant and helpful experience. Richard made me feel extremely relaxed in a very warm, friendly and comfortable environment. He also gave me some exercises which are easy to repeat throughout the day.

Lucy Keany, Public Programme Coordinator

I saw Anjlee during the last weeks of my pregnancy to get my body into the optimum alignment for birth. She quickly noticed my pelvis needed some adjustment and was able to alleviate the aches and pains I was having. After many years visiting chiropractors and osteopaths, I can say she is easily one of the best I’ve seen and is particularly skilled at understanding how pregnancy affects the body. It was a wonderful experience having osteopathy during pregnancy, and I left the sessions with a renewed sense of energy and release of tension in my body. I look forward to more sessions after the birth!

Nelly Lukava, Psychotherapist

I cannot recommend Thalbert’s Qi Gong class highly enough.  It is a place to come if you want to improve your health, want to relax, to get grounded and let go of stress.  I am so grateful to find such a fantastic class and such a dedicated, kind and very experienced teacher. Can’t wait to go to my next class”.

Hugo Orchard-Lisle, Environmental Consultant

Having seen a range of chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths over the last 8 years for a persistent back injury and related problems, following treatment and advice from Richard my back problems were treated with 100% success. In addition, joint and muscular pain elsewhere which I had learned to live with were dealt with effectively. Richard was enormously friendly and professional, and went about treatment with confidence and enthusiasm. Not only is daily life now considerably more comfortable, I am now able to play sport and train for triathlon events without problems.

Julie Edwards, Retired Headteacher

I first went to see Richard because I was suffering from a chronic pain in my back that was making sleep very difficult and giving me discomfort in my right arm for a good part of the day too. It was clear from the first session that Richard is an osteopath who is fascinated by and completely dedicated to his profession, and who is prepared to take endless trouble with his clients. My first consultation was very full and productive, and the following sessions have proved to be equally thorough and effective.

The treatment I have had has not only resulted in a marked improvement in my original problem; I have also realised that being in my late 50s doesn’t have to mean that my body has to become stiffer and less flexible. Although I go swimming three times a week, as well as taking other regular exercise, I was beginning to think that physical movement was inevitably going to become more difficult as I got older, and that I had to resign myself to aches and pains.

However, since having regular sessions with Richard, I have come to realise that this is far from inevitable, and that with his help and advice, I can adopt a healthier posture and regain my physical flexibility and ease of movement, as well as addressing specific problems such as the one that brought me to him in the first place.

Mark Fleming, Sports & Recreation Officer

My back was hurt during an accident at work. I first went to a Physiotherapist and then to another Osteopath. After that I underwent a course of acupuncture and massage treatments. When that didn’t work I went back to the previous Osteopath. I finally contacted Richard who I am familiar with and he said I should give him a try. After only 3 treatments I had made more progress than all the other treatments put together. I am no longer receiving treatment and only following a set of exercises which Richard has given me. He is still in regular contact with me to monitor my progress. I wish I had gone to him sooner.

Kerry Miles, Financial Advisor

I went to see Richard due to neck and back pain that I experienced during my pregnancy. I was getting a lot of pain whilst sitting at a desk at work. Richard took a holistic view of the problem. He not only solved the symptoms but got the root of the problem and resolved the issue itself. This was done through physical treatment and stretching and strengthening exercises. He even advised me on my work station and suggested changes that helped tremendously. Throughout my treatment Richard was very accommodating to my pregnancy which gave me even more comfort. Richard is also a very nice and warm individual and I would highly recommend his services.

Mel Cupper, Graphic Designer

Before meeting Richard I explored other therapies such as physiotherapy and acupuncture but remained frustrated. I became unable to do the things I loved and depression began to creep into my life. During our first session Richard was able to pinpoint all the areas of tension and explain exactly why I was in pain. His anatomical knowledge combined with his ability to talk in a non clinical and relaxing manner made the whole experience an education. Afterwards, I felt truly liberated, not only because he was able to address and explain the issue I was struggling with for years, but he also relieved me of tension I’d been inadvertently carrying for years. Richard’s extensive understanding of dietary needs, exercises and postural advice are exceptional. However above all I’d say that his compassion and sense of humour are what makes him a fantastic practitioner.

Keith Mitchell, Retired

I was working as a chauffeur and was suffering from pain in the upper back, due to stress and long hours. After a few sessions with Richard Emmerson the pain went and I was able to drive over 300 miles from London to Cumbria without the slightest twinge. My posture has also improved as I now stand with a straight back, instead of my stooping posture of before. Every time I see Richard it’s like embarking on a voyage of personal discovery!

Delphine Sylvian, Travel Agent

I had plantar fasciitis in both my feet for over 9 months before I met Richard. Previously, I went to a physiotherapist and saw several orthopaedic specialists who gave me cortisone injections which actually made it worse! With a few session of osteopathy with Richard, my condition improved a lot. I appreciated that he was not just looking at my symptoms but searching for the root cause. He has reduced the pain in my feet together with my niggling back problems (due to posture) and also helped improve the condition of my skin.

Deji Davies, City trader / Semi-Professional footballer

I went to see Richard with consistent lower back pain, brought on primarily by playing football regularly. I had been suffering the discomfort for over 6 months and had had past consultations with Harley Street doctors, pain specialists and physios, all of which had proved largely ineffective. Within two sessions with Richard my pain was dramatically reduced and my range of movement improved substantially. Through additional sessions, Richard helped me develop core muscle strengthening techniques, which have helped reduce my pain to a far more manageable level and it is now almost non existent. Richard is very thorough and helpfully explains the reasons behind each of his techniques. I’d most definitely recommend him to anyone suffering from injury, sports related or otherwise.

Mike Edward, Barrister

After entering the Paris Marathon with a group of friends, I injured my groin through overtraining. I was barely able to walk, let alone run and was on the verge of pulling out of the Marathon. A close friend recommended Richard to me two months before the start of the race.

Richard took a holistic approach to my injury. My treatment involved a mixture of manipulations, deep tissue massage and strength-building exercises. He made sure my whole body was working properly rather than simply focusing on my injured groin. He also analysed my running style and suggested several changes to take pressure off my groin. I learned a great deal about the interconnections within the body and how problems in one area can lead to pain in another.

I saw an improvement in my condition with each session and Richard’s constant positive attitude helped me to believe that I could get to Paris. I completed the Marathon in 3 hours 54 minutes. I was pretty pleased given that I’d been on the point of pulling out just two months previously. As well as helping me to complete the Marathon, Richard has also given me a raft of training and lifestyle advice for me to take forward.