Sabu Russell

Sabu Russell

Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue Massage
Lymphatic Massage

Sabu (Sandra) was born and raised in North London. Her passion is supporting individuals to realise their potential with positive change using creativity and humour to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Having worked in the social care industry for over 20 years she is very experienced and understands the complexity of healthcare and provides a safe space to nurture deep healing and growth.

Sabu is a qualified Massage Therapist and offers a bespoke treatments focusing on both the body and mind. Sabu is also qualified Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis coach (NLP) and Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach.

Outside of work Sabu loves dancing and spending time in nature.

Sabu clinics

184 Tottenham Lane
Crouch End
N8 8SG

0203 633 4568

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Saturday 10am - 4pm