Welcome to Pure Dynamic Osteopathy, based in Crouch End, North London. We treat patients using Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Pilates, Sports Massage, Pregnancy massage, Western Acupuncture and more…

Pure Pain Relief


Osteopathy is a way of detecting, treating and preventing health problems by moving, stretching and massaging a person’s muscles and joints.

Osteopathy is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together.


Initial Consult & Treatment, 45 – 60 minutes, £70

Treatment, 30 – 45 minutes, £60

Treatment, 60 minutes, £75

Home visits available, additional price


Physiotherapists assess and diagnose the cause of pain, find the fastest way to alleviate it, and help to prevent reoccurrence.  All our physiotherapists combine hands on treatment with exercise prescription and rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapists work alongside other health professionals such as GP’s, Surgeons, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and Sports Massage therapists.  Physiotherapy is an excellent option for post-surgical rehabilitation, women’s heath and repetitive strain injuries

Initial Consult & Treatment, 45 – 60 minutes, £70

Treatment, 30 minutes, £60

Treatment, 60 minutes, £75

Home visits available, additional price

Reformer Pilates

Appropriate for patients who are:

Rehabilitating from an injury
Post surgery rehabilitation
Medical conditions requiring more guidance for exercise

In the first session we will go through a thorough Pilates assessment and make some goals. 5 pack available with a discounted rate (depending on availability). Our Pilates room offers a reformer and half cadillac as well as small equipment. Please wear exercise clothes and socks.

Initial consultation, 60 minute, £70

Follow up, 60 minute, £75

Block 5, 60 minute, follow up £350 (paid in advance)

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a type of osteopathic treatment that encourages the release of stresses and strains in the body. Although, many of the techniques are performed on the face and head, it is a technique that can be used anywhere on the body.

All ages benefit, however it is particularly helpful for babies as soon as they are born and for children in their early years.

Cranial Osteopathy

Adult Consult & treatment, 45 – 60 minutes, £70

Adult follow up treatment, 30 – 45 minutes, £60

Baby/Child Consultation (under 16), 30 – 45 minutes, £60

Baby/Child treatment (under 16), 30 – 45 minutes, £55

Home visit available, additional price


Sports Massage

Sports Massage incorporates the use of passive stretches, massage techniques and realignment of the soft tissue to improve flexibility, reduce swelling, injury prevention and promote recovery.  The style of treatment is bespoke to suit your needs.  We can help you to be more relaxed, balanced, and pain free.  It can help with a range of non-sporting as well as sporting problems and injuries.

Sports Massage

Treatment, 45 minutes, £60

Treatment, 60 minutes, £75  (recommended)

Treatment, 90 minutes, £105

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage can locate and relieve aches, pains and tension knots, chronic or acute with a variety of different massage techniques. It can also help with emotional blockages, that often appear as ailments in the muscular skeletal system.

Treatment, 45 minutes, £60

Treatment, 60 minutes, £75  (recommended)

Treatment, 90 minutes, £105

Dynamic Mother and Baby

Women’s Health

Our specialised women’s health physiotherapist will take you through an initial assessment and make a management and exercise plan. Where appropriate referral and liaising with other health professionals.

Urinary incontinence or poor bladder control
Bowel incontinence and constipation
Over active bladder and urge incontinence
Pregnancy and post-natal musculoskeletal conditions (lower back pain, pelvic pain, thoracic pain, carpal tunnel and more)
Diastasis recti

Initial consultation 60 minutes £95

Follow up 60 minutes £75

Follow up 30 minutes £60

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is an excellent way to ease muscle tension and stress, helping both the mother and the baby to relax. It also helps ease aches and pains around the body.

Pregnancy Massage, 60 minutes, £75

Pregnacy Massage, 90 minutes, £105

Home visit available, additional price, POA

Paediatric Osteopathy

Paediatric Osteopathy is concerned with the movement and flow of the parts of the body. The task of the osteopath is to understand what has gone wrong and why, and to use his or her hands to encourage health and overcome dysfunction. Mechanical stress and disorders can have a profound effect on the functioning of all body systems, and are important not only in the case of spinal and limb pains. Treatments are nearly always very gentle, but nonetheless powerful, requiring special skill and knowledge. It sometimes incorporates aspects of Cranial Osteopathy (see above)

paediatric osteopathy

Baby/Child Consultation (under 16), 30 – 45 minutes, £60

Baby/Child treatment (under 16), 30 – 45 minutes, £55

Home visit available, additional price


5 Element Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one aspect of Chinese Medicine and has been practiced in the East for more than 2000 years.  This ancient form of Eastern medicine offers an alternative perspective to that of the West.  It focuses on diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s root imbalance and the underlying cause of dysfunction and illness.

Acupuncture is a natural and effective form of treatment and assists in relieving physical or mental-emotional ailments chronic or acute.

Acupuncture focuses on rebalancing Qi (energy) which flows throughout pathways (meridians) within the body.  Illness or disease occurs when our Qi becomes depleted or blocked. Acupuncture techniques such as needling, moxibustion, cupping or guasha can assist in restoring or clearing deficient or stagnated Qi.

Acupuncture, 90 Minutes, £90

Acupuncture, 60 Minutes, £70


Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is useful for stress management, post-traumatic stress, pain management, internal organ balance, mental and emotional balance, detoxification, addiction, substance misuse, weight loss/gain and many other health conditions, as well as general wellbeing.

Auricular Acupuncture, 60 minutes, £50

Group Treatment, 60 minutes, £15

Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is known to be highly effective for cosmetic work, toning and general beauty therapy. It is also useful for emotional release and stress management and facial trauma.

Facial  Acupuncture, 60 minutes, £70

Facial Acupuncture with toning facial massage, 75 minutes £90


Nutritional therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a therapeutic approach to maximising one’s health potential through individually designed nutritional and lifestyle changes.  It treats the body as a whole while seeking the root source of health concerns, rather than simply treating the symptoms.  It works on the basis that we are each individual in our make-up and therefore “one size fits all” models of eating simply don’t work well for a lot of people.  Nutritional Therapy is suitable for everyone, young and old – for those who would like to alleviate specific symptoms , as well as those who would just like to improve their overall health and well-being.  In a nutshell Nutritional Therapy helps you to identify the foods that make you feel and look your best.

Initial Consultation,  60 minutes, £100

Follow up Consultation, 60 minutes, £70

Home visit available, additional price, POA

NEW: Skype consultation, 60 minutes, £100

 naturopathy crouch end

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Chi Kung

The Elemental Chi Kung approach explores a way to deepen our internal energy flow.  Bio dynamic energy generated by our body runs our functions such as breathing,
digestion, and circulatory systems. Chi Kung incorporates a series of movement, stillness, meditation and breathing techniques to achieve optimum health.  Chi Kung  was introduced by the Chinese at least 5000 years ago.

1-1 Chi Kung, 60 minutes, £65

2-1 Chi Kung, 60 minutes, £75

Functional Strength & Conditioning

Tailored progressive exercise programs incorporating functional movement patterns, strength & conditioning to help rehabilitation.  Functional strength & conditioning targets both local and/or global movement disorders.  It strengthening and mobilises the body to achieve personal goals in reducing pain or improve performance.

Initial & Goal Setting, 60 minutes,  £70

Functional Strength & Conditioning,   60 minutes, £70.

Functional personal training Crouch end

Vocal cord and Speech Therapy

Osteopathic vocal therapy. Do you use your voice for work on a daily basis? Public speaking, conferences, teaching, singing, even talking on the phone for hours can all have a strain on the voice. Horse dry throat, croaking speech, pain in your jaw and tension headaches, can all be caused by tight muscles surrounding your throat and posture. Osteopathic vocal therapy is a treatment unlike any other specifically tailored to how you use your voice and getting the best out of your vocal skills.

Consultation, 60 minutes,  £90

Biodynamic Cranio-sacral treatment

Bio dynamic cranio-sacral Is a gentle hands on approach to bring the human experience into balance. Craniosacral works with the our core being, influencing the central nervous system, brain and spinal column. It also balances organ functions and fluid flow. Craniosacral also relieves structural and emotional stress. Its a whole body approach to optimum health promoting the flow of healthy energies. Facilitating a good space to come back to the inherent health we all possess

Biodynamic cranio sacral crouch end

BioDynamic Treatment, 60 minutes, £70


A treatment solely dedicated to the feet. Reflexology can assist with a variety of issues, especially insomnia, fatigue, restoring normal function of the digestive/immune systems and assisting the body with labour induction. The feet are thought to be a microcosm of the entire body.  With the use of a nourishing foot cream, pressure is applied to stimulate specific areas of the feet which correspond to particular areas of the body. This clearing treatment is met with not only a deep sense of relaxation, but also physical relief which in turn rejuvenates body and mind.

Reflexology, 60 minutes, £70


Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping, Per roll, £12

Kinesiology Taping