Room Hire

Crouch End Central

184 Tottenham lane
Crouch End
N8 8SG

0203 633 4568

Our therapy room is available for hire in Crouch End Fitness Centre.  It has access to reception, café and gym equipment.

Benefits include:

  • 3-part electric treatment bed
    State-of-the-art Plinth Medical beds their height can be adjusted
  • Sink & counter space
    Creating an ergonomic and functional workspace extends beyond just the work desk and chair
  • Work desk & chair
    A proper ergonomic setup is essential when working long hours ensuring a comfortable and healthy working environment
  • Treatment stool
    Equipped with adjustable height settings for patient comfort during examinations and procedures.
  • Full length mirror
    Diagnosis, evaluation, and to provide visual feedback to patients as they perform exercises or movements.
  • Environment control
    Temperature control and adjustable lighting
  • Free Wifi
  • Wifi enabled speakers

For more information or enquires please contact