Maggie does it!

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Meet Maggie Ferguson, 74 years old retired civil servant. I first met Maggie in back in December 2015. Maggie wasn’t able to walk comfortably to the end of her road and reliant on taxis to get anywhere. After treating her for a few weeks, I can remember her laughing in disbelief when I told her we would eventually get her walking to and from the clinic which is 0.9 miles away from her home. Fast forward to 2nd July 2017, not only is Maggie able to walk to and back from Pure Dynamic Osteopathy comfortably and without any difficulty whatsoever but she has just walked 10 miles from East to West London over the city’s iconic bridges to raise funds for Kidney Research UK and she is seeking more challenges…..

Congratulations Maggie you are an inspiration to us all.

Improvement through movement