Patient Stories

Chris Rogers

I started training for the Dragon’s Back Race held between 20-24th May 2019, a 315-kilometre mountain trail run over 5 days across Wales because I wanted a big challenge. I had seen others getting into trail running and as an avid hiker (not a lover of running) it seemed like a crazy but well-suited challenge for me.

Initial training went well and I eked up strength and distance. When I hit a confidence point of 10 miles running I made the crucial mistake of running too far, leaping up to 15 and then 20 miles over a few weeks. That brought on a few issues, notably some chronic stiffness but also painful shin splints and ankle tendonitis from the steep hills.

After some mediocre advice from a running physio, I was losing time and didn’t really feel confident in the structure of the rehab. Worse even the pain began occurring at earlier intervals and even at rest. I considered quitting before I was recommended Pure Dynamic as an alternative at end March 19.

I worked with Rich and Cathy, who offered a well communicated plan, treatment including acupuncture, massage, and focused exercise that really started to eliminate pain and stiffness and rebuild my strength and conditioning so I could run without doing more damage.

Each session we moved on at a good pace and set goals. Ultimately it got me stronger and reach my target of starting the 2019 Dragon’s Back. I’ve managed a 60-mile Ultra Marathon at the isle of Arran in April 19 and excited about the big event coming up in May. They are super genuine and I trust them completely to identify and manage issues and help reach your goals.