Patient Stories

Antoinette Irving

After experiencing the worst pregnancy ever and giving birth to my 3rd child who was 3weeks premature my body could not take anymore. My back pain was so intense, leaving me so frustrated not being able to pick up my newborn baby from her cot and comfort her without taking forever to bend over then struggle to stand up! I couldn’t physically keep and was beginning to affect my mental health so I reached out to PureDynamic who have literally saved me and rejuvenated me and I am forever grateful.

The treatment and care received was second to none. Cathy totally got what was wrong and how to deal with this, mapping out my treatment and my journey to recovery. I got excited knowing I had an appointment at PureDynamic as I knew I would feel great when leaving.

Not only did they treat me but also my baby. She came into this world early and she had a bumpy start to life. We both would attend a mother and baby session to check how we were doing, being given clear information I could relate to understanding my baby’s development and her improvements each time we had an appointment.

Thank you so much PureDynamic I don’t know how I would of got through the last few months without you I will definitely pop back for treatments just to check in on myself and make sure all is ok!!