Patient Stories

Diane Willams

I approached PureDynamic, when my overall health in general was at quite a low ebb and in particular the pain in both my hips was impinging on my life and work to an increasing degree. At this point I was unable to walk for more than ten minutes, or unable to stand for longer than five minutes, the pain was so great. I was unable to shop, queue in the supermarket without leaning heavily on a trolley, unable to stand in my kitchen to cook anything that took longer than egg on toast.

I knew PureDynamic had a collection of therapists with different specialisations, and I asked who could help me with the various aspects of my problems.

Firstly, I saw Vanessa who asked me to keep a food diary and was able to sit with me and help me to understand areas where my diet could certainly improve. Vanessa was lovely, very approachable and made me feel comfortable right from the first minute.

She set me some strategies to cut down on sugars and carbohydrates, (my two worst areas at this stage) but was not draconian about the way to approach this, so I never felt daunted before I even started. Consequently, I have been able to form some new better habits, (still room for improvement). Next visit? Cutting back (but not completely out) diary especially butter.

The biggest difference to my way of life, was my introduction to Charlotte, who has been a magician with helping me with the hip pain. She has used massage and manipulation and has instructed me in a series of simple exercises to help me.

There was an almost immediate improvement, my walking and standing have improved so much that it has made me realise just how limiting the pain had become. When I first realised I had walked over a mile without a twinge I was thrilled and very grateful. New lease of life, is not in this case an exaggeration!!

Charlotte is reassuring, very professional and it is a great pleasure to attend my appointments with her. She has a great attention to detail and is very thorough. She is more than willing to answer all my questions (and I have a lot!). She explains the process of her working in an interesting and thoughtful way, making it easy for me to understand how it all works. She was even good enough to help me with a little facial massage when I had sinusitis (over and above!).

I am still attending appointments with her, as it is an ongoing issue and I feel I could trust Charlotte should I need any osteopathy that arises due to wear and tear, or injury.

Overall, thank you to all at PureDynamic. You would always be my first port of call!