Patient Stories

Katie McCartney

I first sought help from Richard at Pure Dynamic Osteopathy after being recommended by my coach and I am so pleased that I found him!

I’ve been training with consistency, Intensity and progression for around 8 years. Strength and conditioning is ‘my thing’ and over the last few years functional training and Olympic lifting has been something that I’ve been working hard at. I’m hyper-mobile, with super mobile ankles and what I now know as ‘anterior pelvic tilt’. Both have been a blessing and a curse. While I have a very deep squat and and can do some nice party tricks like doing press ups on my wrists with my palms facing up (do not try that at home). My mobility enabled me to compensate for my lack core strength and stability.

My lower back ‘went’ three times over 9 months and on the third it was the most painful. I turned up to see Richard barely able to sit up straight, walk, extend my legs properly or even sneeze without pain going down my leg, I was in agony and devastated as I knew what this meant for my training.

The journey that was to follow has been way more than just dealing with my disc bulge.

Richard and the team assess you as a whole person, physically and emotionally. There is a level of genuine care there and they explain everything all along the path to recovery.

He (literally) taught me how to walk again. I had to wake up my sleepy glutes and engage them with every step…

He discovered a ten year old ankle injury I didn’t even realise I had until he found it with his hands, the pain confirmed that I most certainly did have an injury, which he then treated.

The part I wasn’t expecting with treatment was the emotional healing and change in mindset. The bit I missed out of the story was that I lost my Mum three years ago, very suddenly and quickly to pancreatic cancer. She was 59, so fit and healthy and full of life and she passed in my arms three months later. It was nothing short of a trauma and training was my therapy throughout.

Richard has handled me with empathy and understanding. He told me in the first appointment that I would be able to train again and just to hear that, at the time was a beacon of light in a very dark place.

After a few weeks of treatment, he introduced me to facial and ear acupuncture, which in all honesty I would’ve never have sought out before. I can’t explain it at all, but it has complimented my recovery in so many ways, mentally and physically. It has made me realise that the mental baggage surrounding injuries is something that you shouldn’t ignore, nor the mindset you carry, pre and post injury.

My best friend said to me the other day that I’ve been trying so hard to get stronger, but really I’d been hiding behind these big heavy weights all this time and that the recent injury had stripped everything away that I subconsciously used for support and at last I was starting to face and process some deep set emotions.

I told Richard that his slogan should be ‘Be kind to yourself’ as he said it to me so many times. Since I have been injured and receiving treatment I have been doing just that and understanding what my body and mind actually needs, listening and responding without ego, insecurity and stress.

I will be a lifelong client to Richard and the rest of the team. I intend to look after my body and mind as a whole, it’s the only body i have, so it’s the best investment i can make. I’m more than happy to put that trust into the hands of the team at pure dynamic osteo, I know I will receive the best treatment and be looked after with care.